Merry Christmas

Thank you for visiting my Christmas greeting page! Throughout my 33 years as a fulltime Realtor, in my spare time I’ve written music. In the process, several of my songs have even made it into film.

I usually write both music & lyrics and this year focused on three songs. One linked below called ‘Bird’s Eye View’ is for now an instrumental until vocals are finished. Lyrics for another song linked below, ‘I Can’t Wait For Christmas,’ were written by my wife, Laurie and the song developed from the title idea by our son, Nicholas.

To Hear Each High Quality Audio Version (No Video): Click the CAPITALIZED TITLE LINK
To View The Video Version: Click each image’s ‘play’ button.

BACK TO ME <—(Audio only)
Music & Lyrics by Roy Widing

Music-Roy Widing/Lyrics-Laurie Widing

BIRD’S EYE VIEW <–(Audio only)
Music & Lyrics by Roy Widing

Thanks for listening, have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific New Year-
Roy Widing, Realtor
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