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‘Sluggy:’ Bogie’s Other Baby

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For seven years, Mayo Methot was married to stage and screen actor Humphrey Bogart during the peak of his career. Considered by some as Hollywood’s greatest leading man, a bookshelf of biographies prove his lasting ‘star power.’ Less recognized is Mayo Methot’s own stardom on both the Broadway stage and in film. Along with her colorful, high-profile behavior and marriage to one of Hollywood’s biggest performers, Mayo Methot’s life is replete with talent, drama, celebrity, high stakes and controversy—all ingredients for a fascinating book.

‘Sluggy’ intersects with interesting and conflicted celebrities during a special time known as Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age.’ Anyone curious about their seven year roller-coaster Hollywood marriage will find ‘Sluggy’ a revealing view into the mercurial relationship that even movie ‘tough guy’ Humphrey Bogart couldn’t control. Humphrey Bogart’s fourth wife was sometimes called ‘Bogie’s Baby.’ Yet years before Bacall was Bogie’s other baby, Mayo Methot.

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Author TV Interview about ‘Sluggy: Bogie’s Other Baby’

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‘Whispers From The Tomb’

Roy Widing’s non-fiction book ‘Whispers From The Tomb’ begins with the accidental discovery of a magnificent tomb unlocked for the public only once a year.  Inside are two enormous marble sarcophagi standing side-by-side for more than half a century.

Whispers From The Tomb, Oregon, Mausoleum, Whispers From The Rae Room, Roy Widing, Author, Book, Non-Fiction, Portland Memorial, Wilhelm's Portland Memorial Funeral Home

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This  launches a quest to know more. Who are these people and why was this lavish structure built?  We learn the deceased man is a wealthy businessman who immigrates to the United States in his youth. But little is known about the mysterious woman next to him. Digging back in time yields tantalizing clues.


Memorial Day Line to View the Rae Room

Almost worthy of a spy novel, we learn the man’s body is exhumed from his initial burial plot and spirited to his final resting place inside the opulent tomb. Whispers From The Tomb next uncovers multiple headline-making courtroom dramas. Each involves the deceased wealthy man, his massive estate, those expecting to gain from it and the mysterious woman resting beside him. Read ‘Whispers From The Tomb.’ It’s history, mystery, romance…and all true!

TV Interviews About This Book

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11-22-1963:  New Evidence

November 22, 1963 is a day that forever changed the course of history. Adults of the time remember where they were and what they were doing when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 

Nearly half a century later, most  Americans continue to believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy and doubt suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The United States House Select Subcommittee on Assassinations also came to the conclusion that President Kennedy was ‘…probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.’


President & Mrs. Kennedy Arrive in Dallas on 11-22-1963

In his novel 11-22-1963:  New Evidence, author Roy Widing shows how the mysterious murder of a president may still be solved using yet-unexamined evidence. Buy the Kindle e-book edition of 11-22-1963:  New Evidence here. Click the Amazon logo below to order the print edition of 11-22-1963:  New Evidence.